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Falcon Coffees source specialty grade coffees from 26 origins on behalf of 850 roaster clients in 52 countries. We built a web portal for those clients to order samples, view invoices and more.

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Falcon's previous portal was built in WordPress and used a variety of plugins to achieve functionality. As the company grew, the old portal became slow, hard to maintain and difficult to extend.


We built a fast, secure SPA (Single-page application) which uses React to communicate with a RESTful API (Node.js and Express) along with MySQL, MongoDB and Redis. The portal includes an ordering system with CSV exporting, PDF reports, transactional email, audit events and an admin panel.

Overview section which utilises Chart JS
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The new portal has enabled Falcon to quickly expand its business internationally, effectively communicate its offering and accept more orders. The chosen tech stack also means we can easily extend functionality in the future.

Falcon Coffees
Falcon Coffees
Falcon Coffees